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Home of the English Cream Teddy Bear Goldendoodle. 

Raising healthy puppies with great temperament since 2002. 

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Check us out on Facebook also!. We post testimonials daily from prior puppies on facebook!

Call or text Julie at 205-789-8047  or email us at

Taking reservations for Spring 2019 puppies now! Go to Our parents and planned litters page to see our planned breeedings.

We send pictures at 3 weeks and 6 weeks after the first vet visit. We send notes on temperament and video. We have Open House at 8 weeks old. You can come to our home and have plenty of time to pick out your puppy in person! Choice of puppies are on a first come first serve basis in the order a deposit was placed. 

We are taking deposits for our f1s and f1b Goldendoodle puppies that will be ready Spring 2019. We will have creams, Goldens, Reds, Red and white tuxedos.

What you recieve with each puppy:

Comprehensive 2 year Health Guarantee

Early Stimulation and heavy socialization ( puppies are handled and loved from birth.) Check out our facebook page on temperament. We post testimoinies of prior families every week.

Full Vet exam with shots and deworming and fecal

Copies of vet records to take home 

Pictures and video with updates on temperament

On call to answer and questions or concerns you have ( no one is ever bothering me and no question or concern is trivial! Calls and texts are welcomed!)

Puppies are registered CKC

Copies of all genetic testing

Partial Potty Training ( Check out our facebook testimonies about former puppies potty training. It starts with us at 4 weeks old.)

Go Home Gift Bag with educational materials on Potty Training Toys and Health.

Coupons for Puppy Food

Puppy pictures coming soon.

Call for availability 

Below are what the Silver and Cream Phantoms look like as adults. We will have ALL colors in December 2018.

Lily on the left is a Silver Phantom

Below are some former Goldendoodle puppies and testimonies from Elsa!

"Mary Poppins Goes To Work"

"Dear Julie,

Mary Poppins is more than I could have asked for in a puppy. I totally underestimated people when they told me "Goldendoodles are the best dog" or "that dog will bring you so much joy!" Everyone says their puppy is the best dog ever ...but I am telling you tht Poppy is the sweetest, greatest dog ever. I did not realize what a great puppy she was until we started taking puppy classes. Those other dogs were barking, peeing everywhere, and whining while Poppy sat quietly at my feet. She has THE most wonderful temperament. I take her everywhere I go, even work, and people constantly talk about her sweet, calm demeanor. In one week she has already crate trained, housetrained (for the most part) and mastered "sit" and "shake". I know Poppy is so wonderful because of the care you gave her during her first 9 weeks of life! Thank you for the time, patience and attention you give to the puppies. The puppies are so loved from the minute they are born. It's hard to believe I have only had my girl for 2 weeks because she has brought me so much happiness and joy already. Thank you and thank you for choosing to breed Goldendoodles and allowing God to use you in a mighty way." 

Mary Beth Harrison

WVTM 13 Morning News Producer

Birmingham Alabama

This is Frankie pictured above. His owner writes;

"Frankie is such an amazing member of our family. He is a true blessing and everything we could have possibly asked for. Our experience with Jefferson Doodles has been wonderful. Never have I seen a breeder that cares so much for the well being and happiness of each and every puppy. We are forever grateful that Julie and her dogs entered our life."

Testimonial for Amanda Weiner Ph.D.




 Below are former puppy pictures from Elsa and Kristof.

Elsa's girl 

The Boys!

Green Boy/ Shaggy Coat 4 weeks old

Red Boy / Shaggy Coat  4 weeks

Blue Boy/ Curly Coat 4 weeks old

Indiviual picture coming soon For Elsa's 2017 litter. 

Call or text Julie 205-789-8047.

White Boy/ Curly Coat 4 weeks 

Brown Boy/ Curly Coat 4 weeks old


Testimonials below from prior litters. 

Tucker's Testimony Below 




Owners write:

"He is the love of our life! Spoiled rotten and sleeps on MY pillow! We love our Tucker. He has learned sit, shake, lay, high five, and play dead! 

Here are some updated pictures of our sweet sweet Tucker! He is doing great! He knows so many tricks and is absolutely spoiled rotten!

He loves life! We travel a lot and he goes everywhere with me! He is just the best companion. All my prayers were answered with Tucker and I just can't imagine life without him!

You have bred some amazing dogs! I will continue to update you along our journey together."




Owner writes:

"I haven't updated you on Scout in a while and I thought I would. He is such a sweet boy! So smart and learning new commands all the time. He rings the bell on the door to go outside and he loves playing fetch. He knows the name of his toys and can bring me the one I ask for. He is just so sweet and loving. We got in 10 inches of snow the other day and he loved it!

Everybody who sees him just has a fit over him. He is so much fun and such a sweet loving dog. I'm so glad I found your site and was able to get him last Nov.!"

Thanks again Hope you enjoy the pics!







Sam at 2 months 

Owner wrties:

Hi Julie:

Four months ago we drove from Biloxi to your home to pick up the newest family member Sam. We were impressed with the warmth and compassion you show to your breeding business. All of the little ones running around looked very happy and healthy. Thank you so much for opening your home and spending the time we needed in choosing our Sam.

Sam was an angel in the 5 hour drive home which totally amazed Gary and me. We thought his potty training would take a while but much to our surprise the boy had it down in three days. It helped that I don't work and was able to take him out every few hours.

He learned very quickly to sit , shake, and now we are attempting to teach him a few other commands. His 2 new brothers love him very much. Sam has grown so much over the past four months. It's crazy! He is 52lbs. and the vet has given him an A report.

Again, thank you so much for everything including our Bible. I have referrred a few people to you that have been wanting a Goldendoodle. I will keep you updated on our beautiful , smart , playful and loving boy.

Take Care,


"Oakley" Bay's Boy pictured above on the right.

Sam at 6 months above

Sam fully grown above. Sam is an F1 Goldendoodle. He is out of Arabella and Zander. He is an English Cream Teddy Bear Goldendoodle.

Testimonial below for LuLu

"Hi Julie

I just wanted to let you know how much we love LuLu. She is the smartest, sweetest dog we have ever been around. She is super spoiled. We just got her groomed and she looks great!

Thanks Again."





Puppies from prior litters below and testimonies.

Black and Tan Phantom Goldendoodle

Black and Red Phantom Goldendoodle Adopted by Dr. Robert Storey and family from Talladega, Al. His name is "Beemer".


Beemer recentlty alerted his owners letting them know their other dog who is a diabetic was in trouble! The other dog was out due to a low sugar. They were able to revive him in time thanks to Beemer's persistence!





 "Angel" Adopted by Dave Lippiatt the Senior Executive Vice President of NBC from Glendora,California

Owner states: "We love her. She is doing fantastic!"


Owner of Riley Above Writes:


It was a pleasure to meet you Saturday morining. Thank you so much for the bag of goodies, vet records, and especiallly the Bible and our beautiful puppy. We decided to name her Riley. She is so sweet and affectionate. She is calm but playful and minds pretty well for a puppy. She is very good about going outside and doing her business , but we are fine with accidents as she learns the habit. She is eating and sleeping well. We will send you a picture very soon. Agsin thank you for delivering this blessing into our lives. You have a ministry with your puppies as they bring untold joy into so many lives. All the best to you and your family."

Tim R Covington, M.S., Pharm.D.


Covington Healthcare Associates, LLC

3800 Colonnade Parkway

Birmingham, Al 35243 


"Bentley's" Testimony Below and pics


"Bentley" Bay and Kristoff"s Goldendoodle

"Bentley"  a little sleepy!

Owner writes:

"Bentley is wonderful! We absolutely love him. So much fun and already spoiled.

He is already beautiful. His last vet visit he was 13.9lbs. So spoiled.He is just so wonderful! We are VERY blessed. Everyone loves him and wants to sit for us."

"Oakley" on the right above. He is Bay's Boy








Paisley as a puppy above. Paisley all grown up below!


8 weeks


Former happy owners!

Three siblings! Here are three siblings who got three sisters from us. They named them 

Bella Dixie and Molly. Dixie Graduated from obedience school. She was the Top Dog and got the Star Puppy award from AKC!

Owner SuSu writes; " She is sweet ,loving, headstrong and very smart. She will start school the first of May but aleady has a lot of it down.She is healthy and very strong. They are all gorgeous."

Update from Bella 7/18/2014

Owner writes : " Wild and crazy when together. They chase and play and never stop. They love to swim. They are funny and loving and energetic and so smart it's scary. They all go spayed last month. Dixie graduated from obedience school Yesterday. She was the TOP dog and got the star puppy award from AKC. She starts intermediete next month to work off leash.We get them together on a regular basis and they love each other. They know where each other live."


 Former Puppies Pictured Below and more Testimonialss."

Owner writes: "She is the best with chldren. She waits at the bus stop everyday to greet the children when they get off the bus."




This is "Willow". She has her own facebook page. Owner writes she is great with children!

"Colt" Owner writes "  Fantastic heath, great temperament. He is the smartest dog I have ever been around." In the pic above Colt is 8 weeks old. In the pic below Colt at around 8 months.




This is Lou Lou! She went to a special needs child named Avery! He has Autism. She is a therapy dog for this delightful amazing child!

My Granddaughter and one of our Goldendoodle puppies. They are amazing with children! Here is one of our rare Blacks!


This is Lilly! She is a rare silver fading sable Goldendoodle! 

Owner writes: "She is so easy going. Everyone always says how well behaved she is for a puppy. She is wonderful! She sleeps great and is getting the hang of pottying outside very well. The kids love her and she loves them so much!"




                                                                                                                                 "Lou Lou"

Roy At 8 weeks.

Roy at 8 months

Another pic of Roy! Owner says he is a very well behaved little boy!

Owner writes: " Hey Julie ,This is Kelsy. I bought a little boy from you last February. I saw you have puppies for sale now and it just flooded back all the joy from when I got Roy! I just wanted you to know he is doing great! He is the best part of my life, he brings me so much joy everday. He is spoiled and adored. Thank you so much for the best gift I have ever gotten".

This is Colt! Owner writes: " Potty training is going very well. He is the smartest dog I have ever been around!"


Lou Lou!

This is Frank ll  Owner writes: " He has been the most calm well behaved dog. We have had so many comments on how docile he is. Many of our friends have commented on how much better behaved of a puppy he is than theirs."